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 Lulu Berton


An Italian-American wellness leader, healer and published author based in Los Angeles. I have been gravitating in the Self-Realization field for over thirteen years.

My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing insights, tools and resources to facilitate your journey to Self-Realization. I am here to help you lift all burdens (psychological, emotional, karmic) preventing you from living your dream-life. Blending ancient and modern practices such as Yoga, Meditation, Body Building, Breathwork, Core work, The Wim Hof Method, Sound Healing and Thai Yoga Massage Therapy, my healing program is designed to help you open the portals of bliss within you.  


I'm a real Italian, organically grown in Italy. 

Born in Switzerland and raised in Milan, I have a magna cum laude degree in Law from the State University of Milan but never became a lawyer. I diligently kept the piece of paper in my drawer although during my studies I learned the art of navigating the Matrix along with the skillful counter-art of disobeying conventional structures.   





In 2008, I was blessed with an incredible teaching opportunity. As an act of Seva (selfless service) I created a Yoga program devoted to blind students at the Braille Institute of Los Angeles. It has been so far the most rewarding teaching experience of my life which money can't buy.   Pictured here is Walter, one of my students in the program, embracing his warriorship. He tragically lost his site 23 years ago in a drive by shooting. Nonetheless, he magically transformed his suffering into a path of awakening. Here he stands in Virabadrasana II, Warrior II pose. We are filming a documentary of this amazing experience, directed by Lulu Berton in collaboration with executive producer, Steven Espinosa, and photographer, Robert Sturman. 


"Lulu is a visionary guide into the mysteries of spirituality. Her enigmatic personality, welcoming demeanor and thorough understanding of the sacred, provide a safe and comfortable setting for the ethereal journeys she leads. Lulu seems to seamlessly combine the knowledge of  an academic and gifts of a guru with a genuine compassion and generosity to endow her students with the same. Although Lulu's classes always seem to end too soon, they provide ample lessons to ponder until her next".
William Kinsella, Los Angeles
"Lulu’s meditation classes are extraordinary experiences, no two alike, where she leads you, through chanting to the music of her harmonium, and her own intuitively guided words, on a journey inward to the heart. And things happen there. If you’re open and ready, you'll come out the other side, a little or a great deal transformed"
Melissa Pace, Los Angeles
"I have been truly blessed to be part of Lulu’s Tantrik meditation journey for the last year. Her insightful philosophy of going deep into the heart space and beyond has allowed me continued healing on my journey to inner peace. I look forward to her class every week for new inspiration!"
Phylis Applegate, Venice Beach
“I have practiced with Lulu for several years and it is always a wonderful experience. We meet at the beach and Lulu perfectly synchronizes the yoga practice with the nature. Looking at the ocean, watching sea lions and pelicans while focusing on my breathing gives me peace and relaxation. Lulu is a wonderful trainer with a great feel for what I need.”
Anke Meier, Dusseldorf, Germany 
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